MDQ II SoftwareOver 300 colors of beautiful Polyester, Rayon Variegated and Twist Embroidery Thread. Five year dye lot guarantee color fast and strong. Floriani also offers a unique Tearaway for foundation/paper piecing projects. Stitch N Wash Printable Sheets® are fiber based and the perfect foundation for intricate stitching required for paper piecing. This product is a stabilizer, not paper, which creates a better stitch quality and is easier to remove from the straight stitches. This also saves your sewing needles! Leave the stabilizer in place after the piecing is done for a solid foundation for decorative quilting or embellishment stitches/ embroidery. Because the product will partially wash away, the fibers that remain behind create a nice, soft loft within the block should you choose to leave the stabilizer within the quilt. Software - Looking to buy Floriani Embroidery Software? Floriani Embroidery Software is available right here. Special discounts available.

Join Floriani in the latest in Floriani cutting edge software, the MDQ II!  This incredible quilting and embroidery software will create the hand crafted look of heirloom, trapunto, stipple stitches and more!   PLUS – Floriani’s new line of quilting products will be featured on hand –

Quilters Select ™ !  Made Specifically for Quilters.

Those who watched the special MDQ II webinar (and if you haven’t, watch it now by  now you know that MDQ II has arrived. And owners of the existing My Decorative Quilter software will receive the $999.99 retail value software for FREE! Every owner who registered their original MDQ will receive an email next week with information on how to retrieve their already assigned MDQII serial number and download the FREE update to upgrade your MDQ into MDQII!

Finally, we have a new video on the Club from Kathi Quinn, "Circle Template Center". Watch as Kathi plays with simple letters like her initials and uses the Circle Template tool and the Repeat Corners tool to make them into a beautiful design, complete with motif borders!