What Formats Do You Offer?
We offer Art v4, v5, v6 & v7,  Dst, Hus, Jef, Pes, Sew, Vip and Xxx. We also have EXP and VP3 format available on all collections released since the introduction of these formats to the market place, but some of our earlier collections and all our retired collections are not available in these formats (as they were created before these formats were introduced to the market).  

Are Designs Stitched by Testers Before Placed For Sale?
Absolutely they are stitched out before being placed for sale.  

Do you manually punch these embroidery designs?
Yes, all designs are manually punched to provide you with the highest quality design.  Our commitment to you as a customer is to provide you high quality embroidery designs with minimal jumps.

Do we receive color charts with our designs?
Each embroidery set/design includes a color chart in pdf. In addition, our most recent sets include JPG color charts that show the color to be used.